Millington Herald


Around Town

Millington's streetscaper project included old-fashioned streetlights
and decorative brick-red sidewalks.

MillingtonTownship Office
8553 State St., Millington, Michigan 48746

Village of Millington Municipal Office
8569 State St., Millington, MI  48746

McPherson's Family Restaurant
Also known as the coffee shop to many,McPherson's
is a favorite local restaurant.

  The museum, located at 8534 State St., helps to preserve our history.

Kirk Elementary School serves nearly 500 children in grades K-4.

The Millington Township Cemetery

Sometimes called the antique capital of Michigan, Millington
has several gift shops featuring antiques and other collectibles.

Stop in at Rosati's Market for all your grocery needs!

The Millington Arbela District Library, located on
Depot Street, is open six days a week.

The village owned parking lot is located on Depot Street
across from the library.

The Millington Community Center, located on State Street,
was formerly St. Bernard's Catholic Church. Many non-profit groups use the
Center for their meetings and fundraising events.

TDS telephone company is located at the end of Depot Street
on Main Street.  The silos from Millington Elevator can
be seen in the background.

The Southern Links Trailway will soon connect Millington
and Otter Lake with a non-motorized linear park. Also shown above is Millington's
happy face water tower, behind the Department of Public Works buildings.

This is Millington's electrical substation.

Millington has many nice homes - some older, some newer.
Most of the homes pictured below are located on State St. (M-15):

These homes are located on East Center Street: